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Katherine Swezey

French Horn

Katherine Swezey was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. She has been playing with the Reno Wind Symphony since 2021. Her first introduction to music was taking violin lessons in elementary school. Upon entering high school at Galena High School, she wanted to be in the marching band, and that meant abandoning strings and picking up a wind instrument. She decided on a challenge and picked the French Horn/mellophone. Throughout high school, she taught herself French Horn and still played violin.

Katherine attended the University of Nevada, Reno where she marched with the Pride of the Sierra Marching Band years 2015-2019, being section leader for her last year. She took French Horn lessons and played in concert ensembles throughout her college years as well. She graduated with a BS in Mathematics, a BS in Secondary Education, and a minor in Music.

Katherine attended University College Cork in Cork, Ireland where she received a MS in Actuarial Science. Throughout her time there, she played French Horn with the renowned Barrack Street Band. She enjoyed her studying abroad experiences immensely and that music was still involved.

Katherine now resides in Reno with her husband, Tommy, and their two cats Kip and Leo. They enjoy all things Reno has to offer: hiking, food, Arttown, Balloon Races, and the list goes on! She is an Actuarial Analyst, and enjoys analyzing data and all things mathematical. She attributes her success and friendships to music. She finds there is no better feeling than when a group of people come together to share in something they are very passionate about like we all are here.

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